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Her first real word... "DADDY!!!"

Published by Gabe under on 8:47 PM
Jada said "Daddy" today! For the past couple weeks, she's been pointing to Gabe saying "Dadada" or "Day-day", but tonight she articulately said, "Daddy". She crawled over to his chair, climbed up, smiled, and proudly called him "Daddy". What an exciting day!

Nana & Papa came over this afternoon to spend some time with their incredible little granddaughter. They gave her an adorable ballerina dress that I immediately wanted her to try on. Here are some pictures of our gorgeous, smart, baby girl.

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Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Published by Gabe under on 8:33 PM
Last Saturday, we headed out to McMinnville to spend some time with the Hatch family and the Duhrkoop family. We drove to a local pumpkin patch to choose the perfect pumpkin and shoot fun pictures. :-)

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She's 10 Months Old!

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 9:45 PM
Jada is 10 months old now. Wow. She's as busy as ever and VERY mobile. She's getting so close to walking. As long as she's holding on to our hands, she can run down the hallway. After we work on her balance a bit more, she'll be walking on her own. Here's a video of her standing without holding on to anything with her hands; she's leaning back on the couch for support instead.

This morning, Jada started waving "hi". I was able to capture this on video while she was eating breakfast in her highchair. You can actually see her concentrating on opening and closing her hands. I am so blessed to be able to see her learn new skills everyday. What an amazing girl.

Talking with Tymon!

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 8:57 PM
Jada's friend, Tymon (12 weeks old), came over to play today! Not only did Daddy enjoy playing with Tymon's daddy, Jeff (you can hear them playing FIFA in the background), and Mommy enjoy catching up with his mommy, Christina, but the kiddos played with each other too! It was SO adorable to see them smile and talk to each other. We were able to capture a little on video - Enjoy!

Jada loves eating in her high chair. She still enjoys her pureed fruits & vegetables, but now also snacks on finger foods. In this video, she is enjoying some delicious steamed, sliced carrots, shredded mozzerella cheese, & small pieces of bread.

Here's our little messy girl after some oatmeal, pureed carrots, & bread.


Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 12:32 PM
Every day I think to myself, "This is my favorite age" (in regards to Jada). Then the next day I think the same thing. Every day is truly amazing. Jada is learning new concepts constantly. What an honor it is to see her little brain developing as she tries climbing, high-fiveing, pulling, talking (kind of), walking (almost), crawling (extremely fast), and many other various activities.

Right now, looking at pictures is one of her favorite activities. When we're close to the refridgerator, she points to the pictures (she started pointing with her index finger!) and says "Day-day". I'm not sure if that's "Daddy", "Jada", or "David" because they all sound similar and she says it when she points to any of them. Becky brought up a good point re: this... Jada has a limited vocabulary so it's only logical that one word could have multiple meanings. Very good point. :-)

Our little monkey is very into climbing. She started climbing onto her walker yesterday. Instead of pulling her off, I decided to just watch her to see what she would do. Well, take a look for yourself...

Becky & I met up at Cedar Hills mall yesterday so that the kiddos could play together on the little play structure. Here are some cute pictures taken there.

Here's a video of Jada playing in her room before naptime this morning.

Walking, Playing & Climbing

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 8:36 AM
Here's a sneak peak into the life of Jada. In less than 2 minutes, you'll get a glipse of her busy days.

She is such a blessing. I love my family.

Our Crazy Little Monkey

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 8:35 AM
Jada's a busy little monkey these days! She has taught herself how to climb up stairs, run (not walk) in her walker, stand up in her crib, and unroll toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. Oh my. She's an amazing, smart, busy little girl. I'm pretty convinced that I'm getting a better workout chasing after her & carrying her around than I would ever get at a gym. :-)

Here's an action shot of her in her walker. Check out her two teeth!


Jada's an excellent little eater. She prefers to hold her own spoon, however, so things can get a bit messy. I've come to learn that it's better to grab two spoons right off the bat... one for her to hold and one for me to use to feed her. Here she is finishing up the last few bites of her oatmeal.




Here's a cute video of Jada in the morning talking to her baby. You'll notice that she's still in the process of waking up. What is that dripping sound in the background, you ask? That would be my coffee. Mmm... coffee...