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Hooray for Sunshine!

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 8:19 PM
What a fun week we've had!

My dear friend, Brianne, and her husband Matt welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world last Monday. Jada & I were honored to be able to visit baby Charlotte on Wednesday morning then take her big brother home with us for the day for a super fun playdate. Jada & Rowen chased each other up and down the hall, played with puzzles together, rode on Jada's Dora car together (& when I say together, I mean both sitting on the seat at the same time - ha ha!), and even took naps at the same time for me! Whoo hoo! Here are pictures of them hanging out.

Gabe & I decided that we want to get back into riding our bikes this summer, so we picked up a bike trailer for Jada this past week. She absolutely loves riding in it. She chooses a new little friend to sit next to her each time (Monkey is pictured here, but Elmo and Baby Sarah have also taken a ride). She's even in love with her "bike hat" (helmet), which she personally picked out at the store. :-)

These past few days have been so gorgeous and sunny; we are soaking up every ounce! Yesterday, we went for a long walk around the neighborhood; Jada wanted to hold Kaya's leash, so I tied it around the bar first, then let Jada hold the handle. She thought she was pretty cool.

Today, we headed over the the park where Jada proceeded to pretty much run from one dog to the next. I'm pretty sure I asked "Can we pet your dog?" about 10 times this afternoon. ha ha. She loves meeting puppies. :-)

Here she is throwing rocks into the creek (also a favorite activity):

Finally, I just wanted to share this sweet video of Jada saying "thank you for the water". She's really starting to put words together and it is so amazing to watch her and see what she comes up with.


Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 8:53 PM
Jada is completely in love with Elmo. It's pretty funny because she doesn't watch Sesame Street; in fact, she doesn't even watch TV. She just fell in love with this Elmo doll that we walked past at Target a couple weeks ago. When she saw it she asked, "What's that?" (which sounds like a single word - "Wussat?"). We answered, "Elmo". She held him in the shopping cart & hasn't let go since. From then on, this bright red, furry baby doll-thing was her precious Elmo.

As you can imagine, when we saw that our favorite coffee shop/indoor playground, Munchkin Playland, was hosting a "Meet & Greet with Elmo" party, we simply couldn't pass it up. We signed up right away and counted down the days until Miss Jada would meet the real Elmo in person.

At first, she was a little concerned with this large Elmo fellow. For the first 20 min, she wanted to look at him and blow him kisses, but didn't want to leave our arms. After a while, she warmed up to him & sat on his lap. She wanted to share her little Elmo doll with him on various occasions (we're pretty sure that her love language is giving gifts - she's always sharing her food, toys, and water with her dolls - that's our thoughtful little girl!).

Here are a few pictures from this fun little Elmo party: