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Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 9:27 PM
Jada has quite the sense of humor. She can tell when we make a joke, play around, or just smile in a funny way. She thinks it's hilarious. Yesterday, Gabe "bonked" his head with a pillow & she LOVED it. Tonight, she showed Gabe how she can bonk her head in the pillow too! Check it out!


Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 10:01 PM
This is quite possibly the cutest video ever. Jada loved playing Tug-of-War with Kaya tonight. Her laughs are simply the best.

"W" says "Wuh"

Published by Gabe under on 9:13 AM
One gift that Nana & Papa gave Jada this Christmas was an magnetic alphabet toy. All 26 letters of the alphabet are magnetically stuck to the fridge. She can select one letter at a time to insert into the reader device after which is says the letter name and the sound that it makes.

Well, this morning, she stuck the "W" into the reader then pushed it. We then heard, "W. W. W says "Wuh". She then looked up at me and said, "Wuh". Wow. I'm impressed. Thanks, Nana & Papa!!!

*** Side note *** Yes, the "Q" is missing. I will try to rescue it from under the oven during nap time. :-)

I thought it would be fun to post a few videos of our Jada Bear.

Before I started recording this first video, Jada was bringing me one toy at a time from her toy box. She would walk to her toy box, choose a toy, then walk it over to me. She did this a couple of times, then just decided to bring me the whole box. :-)

In this next video, Jada shows us how to eat turkey & mashed potatoes. After I stopped filming, she started flinging the potatoes in every direction. Oh my. We had mashed potatoes on the blinds and all over the bookcase.

Lastly, here's a short video of Jada's adorable laughs. I just love her huge, belly laughs. This is a new little game that we came up with a couple days ago. ha ha.