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Cuddling with Daddy

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Jada enjoys winding down with Daddy before bedtime. I think we were all watching "The Office" here as a family. For the past 6 nights in a row, Jada has gone to sleep at night without crying, even though she's fully awake when we put her to bed. This makes bedtime much less traumatic for all parties involved. We love it. :-)

This morning, I decided to dress Jada in a cute little outfit I picked out for her a week after I found out we were having a little girl. She looked so pretty; I guess I felt like playing dress-up with my baby girl. :-) She isn't too interested in staying still (a characteristic of both Mommy & Daddy), so the pictures are kind of blurry; you get the idea, though. Now that she's starting to fit into 0-3 month outfits, I'll probably be playing dress-up with her more often, as she has more clothing options now in her closet.

Chillin' in my Glider

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Here are a couple pictures of Jada hanging out in her glider. She spends a lot of time here, but usually Mommy's sitting with her rocking, cuddling, and feeding her. She's growing up so fast.

Her 2 month check up was on Monday (2/23). She is now 23 1/3 inches tall and weighs 10 lbs. 8 oz. She's actually wearing her first "0-3 month" size outfit today; she's just starting to grow out of "newborn" size clothes. She handled her shots well; we cried during the shots (yes, Mommy's eyes watered a little too), but she recovered quickly.

On Sunday, she rolled all the way from her back to her tummy all by herself. She is also just starting to hold her own binkie (pacifier). We are so impressed with her.

She is sleeping well; sometimes waking up twice and sometimes only once during the night. She's even given me a few nights where she slept from 10pm to 5am! Those are the mornings I wake up thinking, "Is everything okay? Is Jada still breathing?". She's always just fine, sound asleep in her crib. Sleep is quite wonderful!

She has been dealing with some reflux, which is why you will commonly see pictures of her wearing bibs or holding on to a spit-up rag. She's a tough girl, though, and will still flash a huge smile after soaking yet another outfit (hers & sometimes Mommy's or Daddy's too!).

She loves spending time with Daddy. She always gets excited and smiles when he comes home from work. I love seeing the two of them together. I love our little family; we are so blessed.

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Look at me!

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Jada's a big girl sitting up by herself! Today she is 2 months old. She looks so proud sitting on Daddy's side of the bed.

Smiling for the camera! That's my girl!

Today we visited our good friends Becky & David. Jada & David have playdates about every week or so. We all four go for a walk then make dinner together. We have such a fun time! This is Jada at Becky's house helping Mommy make dinner.

Reaching out like she's giving a hug...

She's excited for Daddy to come home from work and give him a big hug and lots of smiles! We love you, Daddy!

Dinner with Mommy & Daddy

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Jada sat in her little vibrating chair while Gabe & I ate dinner tonight. She was having a blast kicking away and talking to us the whole time. She even held her own little spit-up rag, as seen in the pictures below. How impressive! She really tired herself out with all that working out. This last picture was taken after getting her ready for bed. She's a tired girl.

A Bundle of Personality

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Jada Pilates

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Soccer Practice

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Jada was practicing her soccer moves this morning on her changing table. She was so happy and energetic after she had a full tummy and was changed. She started wiggling around, kicking her legs, and punching the air. She made little attempts to yell, "Goal!" Okay, little high pitch squeals, but it was pretty close. :-) I was able to grab the camcorder and record a couple minutes of the action. We'll try to get that posted too. Jada is such a fun girl!

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More Pictures from the Weekend...

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Visits from Family!

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Jada is now 7 weeks old and had many visitors this week! Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Peter, and Aunt Katelynn came up for the afternoon on Wednesday. Katelynn was really excited to feed baby Jada with a bottle. She was such a big helper. She's told me that she also has a baby Jada and her room looks just like Jada's room. :-) She can't wait to play with Jada when she gets a little bit older.

Grandma Marianne and Papa Ron came up to visit over the weekend and enjoyed spending time with their granddaughter. Jada loves all of the attention; she's quite the smiler and intently watches when we talk to her. Before we know it, she'll be making little talking noises back to us. I can't believe how quickly she's developing her little social skills.

I have to admit, it's really nice having family come up to visit us instead of us traveling down to Eugene! We are, however, going to make our first journey down to Eugene this upcoming weekend over the President's Day weekend. I'm a little nervous to stay somewhere else overnight with Jada and especially for the commute with the dogs and a baby. I'm sure everything will work out just fine, though. It will be great for Jada to see both of her grandma and grandpa's houses.
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Big Smiles!

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Jada just started intentionally smiling this past week! I've seen little smiles before, but now it's definitely in response to someone smiling at her. I LOVE her smiles; it is so rewarding to have my precious baby look up at me and flash her cute little toothless grin. I love her so much.

Wow, she is so beautiful!

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Jada just looked like a baby doll this morning when I snapped these pictures. I just can't get over how beautiful she is. I'm sure every mom feels like this towards their baby, but seriously, she is striking. I am a proud mommy.