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Jada & Micah Update!

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 10:42 PM
Jada Update:

Oh my goodness, Jada says the cutest things. We drove down to the Woodburn outlet malls a couple of weekends ago and she had a blast running down the aisles. She would run all the way around the corner, then I'd say, "Jada Faith, come here right now". She'd reply, "Oh okay, Mommy" and promptly book it in my direction. That's my girl! :-)

As we were walking down one of the aisles, she suddenly stopped and started swaying back & forth. "Watcha doin', Jada?", I asked her. "Oh, I just dancin' a little bit, Mommy. Just dancin' a little bit.". How cute is that?

Okay, next story... I'd better give you a little background info. on this one. Many of her toys take batteries and when they're not working very well, she tells us that they need a new battery. So... she's also really into wrestling Daddy, but she's dropkicked him a few times in the ribs (I'm so glad that Mommy's not really associated with the whole wrestling thing!). I'm usually downstairs feeding Micah while this whole wrestling match takes place upstairs. After one such dropkick, I heard a "Ughhh! Ouch, Jada. Daddy has an owee.". She replied with "Uh oh, Daddy. Do you need a battery in your tummy?". Ha ha!

She also has a new pet... Diego the Betta fish. She feeds him twice each day and loves choosing little rocks from outside to give to him (we clean them & place them in his bowl). He is her little responsibility. She's also in charge of opening the backdoor in the morning for Kaya to go potty outside. What a big girl.

Micah Update:

Little Micah is growing up so fast. His smiles are simply amazing and can brighten up any day. He absolutely LOVES to get his diaper changed (a complete difference from Jada as a baby) and smiles even more when I wiggle his legs around and say "run, run, run!". He thinks it's hilarious. :-) This past week, he also started cooing. We take turns "talking" back & forth and he just seems so proud of himself. At 10 weeks old (about a week and a half ago), he even gave me an EIGHT hour night. Eight. That's right... a full night's sleep. Loved it. Usually, it's about 6 hrs. in a row, so I really can't complain.

Our kiddos keep us very busy. Gabe's job is going well, my little bookkeeping business is growing and our babies are growing up fast. Life is crazy, but life is awesome. We're so thankful for everything God has given us. He has blessed us in big ways.