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Precious Little Milestones

Published by Gabe, Amber, Jada and Micah Carter under on 9:37 PM
Our little Micah is already 7 weeks old. I'm proud to report that he's a great little eater, sleeper & as of about a week ago, smiler. :-) He has the most adorable smile; it's so rewarding, as a parent, to see precious, tiny eyes brighten up as a huge smile extends across a baby's sweet face. The best time to get him to smile is right after he wakes up and I unswaddle him. Aww. My sweet boy.

According to my bathroom scale, he's currently 11.5 lbs. (way to go, little man!). At less than 5 weeks old (the night before), he slept for 6 hours straight at night! He's only done that a few times since then; most of the time he gives me about 4-5 hour stretches - still pretty amazing.

At 3 weeks old, he started doing little pushups off of my chest and it remains one of his favorite activities. A few times each day, he performs his mini-exercises which includes pushups off of my chest, leg presses off of my lap (as he's laying on my chest), and turns his head side to side. He voluntarily performs these exercises & actually, if he's a little cranky, it puts him in a good mood. Overall, he's a very easygoing baby. He's incredibly laid back and has the sweetest personality.

Miss Jada is an excellent big sister. We've had a few jealous moments, but most of the time, she's great at sharing and loving on her little brother. Today, she walked up to him and, in a quiet voice and completely unprompted, said "I love you, baby Micah". Oh my goodness. That just melts a mommy's heart.

I'm so blessed to have the most incredible husband and two most precious kiddos ever. I love my family.

Here's a picture of our family of four (wow... family of four) on my 28th birthday, last Saturday.